1. Upload the source code of your solution into github.com or other open source directory.

  2. Create a Readme.md file and describe your solution in details. You must also provide sufficient steps on how to use your solution. This is to ensure that we able to run your solution successfully during our winner evaluation process.

  3. Submit your entry at submission page.

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  5. Share your project on IP2Location Facebook page or LinkedIn or Tweet us with the below information. The number of likes/votes will also be taking into consideration for winner selection.

    • Project title
    • Short description
    • Github (or other open source directory) source code link
    • Hashtag the post with #ProgrammingContest and #IP2LocationContest

  6. Please make sure you read our terms and conditions before submitting your entry.

Name Submission Date Project Description
Christopher Chamberlain 22 September, 2021 this is a browser extension for google chrome which uses the ip2location lite database to plot web requests on an interactive globe. it shows statistics about the pinged countries and challenges the user to connect to as many countries as possible.
Andreas Venizelou 13 August, 2021 a management base for system admins.
Sriram Govindan 12 August, 2021 rust library to read ip2location bin files and output the db details based on the given ip address input
Gisle Vanem 05 August, 2021 a drop-in tracing library / dll for winsock library. returns country/location info using ip2location, or other databases. also asn information for the network.
Matthias Mailänder 07 July, 2021 classic westwood rts engine remake that uses ip2location so that players can identify server regions for an optimal experience and find out where their opponents are coming from.