1. Upload the source code of your solution into github.com.

  2. Create a Readme.md file and describe your solution in details. You must also provide sufficient steps on how to use your solution. This is to ensure that we able to run your solution successfully during our winner evaluation process.

  3. Submit your entry on IP2Location Facebook page or Google+ page with the below information:

    • Project title
    • Short description
    • Github (or other open source directory) source code link
    • Hashtag the post with #IP2LocationContest

  4. Lastly, submit your entry at submission page.

  5. Please make sure you read our terms and conditions before submitting your entry.

Name Submission Date Project Description
Egon Galvani 26 September, 2017 ip2proxybot is a modern telegram bot that uses both bin and csv ip2proxy databases to retrieve informations, statistics and charts about proxies all over the world.
Richard Cziva 19 September, 2017 ruru is a software designed to visualise internet traffic in real-time. it analyses all tcp flows directed to it and measures end-to-end latency experienced by users. for visual network anomaly detection (e.g., detecting increased latency to some geographical areas) ruru maps all connections on a world map and colours the arcs representing the latency measured between the source and the destination. ruru has been deployed tapping an international backbone link of new zealand and is in operation since december 2016. ruru’s key component is the geographical lookup for source and destination ip addresses for all tcp connections - this is using two databases from ip2location: the asn database and the db5 database. i have used the ip2location c api for db5 and an sqlite database for asn lookup.
Evonne Tan 08 September, 2017 php library to check if an ip address is a proxy and map display to show its location. it will also return the region, city, isp and proxy type other than country by using ip2proxy database.
Chi Hoang 04 September, 2017 1. What is it and what does it do? Proxydigger is a simple proxy address browser for Windows. 1.2. Features - Supports the free IP2Proxy LITE IP-PROXYTYPE-COUNTRY-REGION-CITY-ISP (ip4 binary file) with millions of updated IP addresses. - Supports sorting of the view with 2 different orders (up and down) and to reset it. - Supports infinite scroll. Navigate millions of IP addresses with the right scrollbar. - Supports a filter with a country code. - Supports searching for an ip address. - Supports a sticky navigation bar. - Asynchronous database query with JS.
Joel Goh 23 August, 2017 ip2proxy for codeigniter framework